Feeling stuck of paper use, getting unsatisfied comments from parents Also teacher want to stop using paper and moving to the digital way to make their daily job easy and fun.

Choosing the right management software for your child care center is the first move but how to decide which the best child care software that fit my center and Increase parent satisfaction.

Here are the five essential features that your child care management software should have


One of the most important features that need to be included in the child care software; because you want to increase your sales, reaching more parents and let them enroll in your child care center easily, also digitizing the way of enrollment helping you updating and tracking information with one click or TOUCH on your phone.

Parent Communication

I know that you want a private communication channel with parents day to day, without having private phone calls or whatsApp calls it’s time to have a private channel to your child care that increase the satisfaction of the parents, so the software must have one to one communication or live chat on the same software with using personal communication channel.

Digital Attendance 

Digitizing the sign in and out for your teacher and children is great move of tracking and controlling your child care center, by stopping use paper for check in and check out the children that help you to determine if there’s any extra hours the parents must pay for it, or who have absence from your center day by day that giving you a strong information as manager to make the right decisions in your center. 

Virtual Child Profiles

No more papers profiles for the children in your child care, all the information you will have it in one application you can access it directly through your mobile or laptop, you are now able to update, edit some information and save it directly without writing the children information from the beginning on a new paper.


Accept the child care tuition online, digitize the parent billing, send, request, and accept billing from the parents, that’s actually will make your life easier and collecting cash faster which is very important for your child care center and a big plus for parents because currently they want an easy methods without coming to the child care center just to pay tuition that’s really  increase the level of satisfaction for parents and this is one one the most important rules to stay live with your child care center.

Now imagine with me those are just 5 Essential features that must be in your child care management software, what if i told you there’s more than 15 features to managing your child care center, communicate with families and much MORE, tell me more..?

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