Are you looking for new and trendy ways to increase enrollment in your Kindergarten or Childcare?

We will share with you our expertise to increase the enrollment and give the best recommendations.
Here are top picks tips to boost enrollment for the upcoming semesters:

Have A High-Quality Website

Having a website these days is very important give trust and good first impression for the parents. Add content and information as mush as you can in the website that let the parent to have a full image about your center, try to make the enrollment online or at least take the important data for it.

We at bright care will help Kindergarten and daycare owners Reduce or terminate the costs of creating a website because it will cost your center money, By Signing up to bright care we will offer you a virtual and public profile will looks like a website you can share any information you need and allow parents to enroll directly As you know we are all in one place platform to help you. Looks interesting right? Sign up for early access Today.

Open Your Center Doors

The Second tip to Increase Enrollment in Your Kindergarten or Childcare center offer parents tours in your center include visiting classrooms, play area and every places their kids may be in or use, that will add a value and give more trust for parent to enroll in your center.


The last tip to Increase Enrollment in Your Kindergarten or Childcare center is marketing be on every social media, advertise to your center in a good schedule technique but you may think that’s an extra cost this is totally wrong it will be an investment not a cost and it’s very important these day.

But you may think that bright care will not help you on this too? Absolutely yes when you Sign up and be one of our family, our SEO and Marketer experts will let your center to be reached more and more with a few small tips , Sign up and allow your public profile, then let’s hear a great news.

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