Marketing your child care center is very important nowadays, it helps you to differentiate yourself from the competition, building a community and keeping your center enrolled to capacity.

Here are some of our Recommended top tips for child care marketing:

Social Media

Social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can drive a direct traffic to your child care, engaging with potential parents, building awareness and building a Brand name over your competitors.


Offline and online child care events is very helpful, building a good network, getting involve with new trends and for sure getting new ideas that help you.


If you don’t want to lose money by try and fix marketing rules you have one of two options to marketing your child care center in a professional way

  1. Hiring an marketing expert
  2. Hiring an marketing agency

Use Technology

Embracing technology and digitize your work that’s will absolutely move your center to next level. Bright Care is the All in one platform for child care center and families, it’s easy to use platform help you to managing your center, Stay in touch with families, Digitize check in and check out and paperless billing. On the parents side parents get real-time updates during about their kids during they. So with Bright Care Parents will be satisfied, No more paper work and making you stand out from the crowd.

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