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The school should be aware of every child’s medical issue before they are admitted to the school. Allergies, eye defects, disabilities, deformity or any other periodic illness and their medications must be made known to the school. Also, parents should not bring their child to school when they are down with any contagious bacteria or virus infection like the “flu, rashes or cough”.  When such sick children come to school, the teachers should separate them from the rest to avoid spreading the infection.


little children are highly susceptible to infection and diseases. It is of great importance for the floors, rugs and plays mat in the crèche and kindergarten class to be kept extremely clean always. At this stage, children get to pick things on the floor and into their mouths. So hygiene is a top priority.


this is solely the responsibility of the parent. Every parent should ensure proper washing and dry-cleaning of their child’s uniform, repeating already-worn uniforms should be discouraged. Also mothers are to trim the fingernails of their children to avoid using it one other kids in school.

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