Bright Care Recommended Products – Part 4
Jungle JumpaRoo – Trampoline/Bounce House-Like Play Set – Indoor/Outdoor Jungle Gym with Welded Swing bar – Large – As seen on Shark Tank

Finding safe toys that appeal to a wide age range and can be used indoors and out is a challenge. Toys designed for toddlers are outgrown within one or two years. Those designed for adolescents and teenagers aren’t safe for younger kids. One of the few toys that kids of all ages seem to love are trampolines, but tens of thousands of kids are injured on them every year.

The designers of the Jungle JumpaRoo have solved this problem by putting a unique twist on the classic trampoline and play set. The Jungle JumpaRoo is a unique blend of a trampoline, a swing, and a climbing toy. The center poles can be climbed, there is a trapeze-like swing in the center, and the inflated tube around the base is super bouncy. It’s low to the ground making it easy for toddlers to use and it minimizes the potential for injury from falls. It’s also sturdy enough for even multiple adults to use at the same time.

The Jungle JumpaRoo is constructed from high-quality materials that allow it to withstand the weather outdoors, yet it won’t damage floors and carpets when brought indoors.  The poles are made of steel and are painted with a special powder-coating that ensures decades of use. The rubber tube is designed to withstand heat, cold and sun and is safe for multiple participants to use simultaneously.

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