One way to know a good school for your little child is when the school has a daily feedback mechanism. Here, every kindergarten or preschool pupil has a report book where the teachers record some of the daily activities of the child, his struggles, his progress and so on. The child comes home with the report every day. This enables the parent to keep track of their child’s progress in school.

FEEDBACK REPORTING – Using Bright Care Platform

bright care blog - FEEDBACK REPORTING from teacher at preschool to parents
Bright Care Daily Feed Reporting
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At bright care we providing parents daily updates about their kids day we sending notes about meals, how much the kid active in the class , what did she/he learn in the classes today and much more.

The parents or even the grandparents becoming daily involved with their lovely kids with pictures, videos and much more.

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Lastly we would like to talk about PARENT-TEACHER MEETING

Talking to Your Child's Preschool Teacher

Any school that places great value on good relationship will understand that periodic meetings between the school management and the parents are of great importance. It is at this meeting that the school teacher’s performance can be appraised. Parent will speak their mind and the school management or teachers will respond immediately to any issues raised.

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