Hey, little Jamal ….. Stop crying! Your Mums not going anywhere!

Typical first day at school is a crying and sober day for most kindergarten and preschool kids. The noise from the cry is unavoidable. The teacher and the parent have a good role to play to ensure their kids have a good start to school.

Teacher’s Role: 

  1. Be ready to pamper the kids with extra care, attention, and smile.
  2. Smile all day long; the kids need a good reason to switch from the sober dropped face to a smiley face. No one does that better than a smile from their teacher after the parents are gone.

Parent’s Role;

  1. REST; Make sure the kids are well-rested before coming to school. Rest gives them energy and strength which they will need. We all know crying takes a lot of energy.
  2. LUNCH BOX: your kid’s favorite drink, juice, biscuit, and candies should be in his lunch box. Those items have the ability to keep the kids calm on their first day. 

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