Bright Care

Early education management app for preschool & daycare.

Our children are our future will be built.



Meet licensing requirements, automate invoicing and bill pay, manage staff, and engage with families.


Streamline your day. Manage attendance, reduce paperwork, and capture learning milestones.


Easily keep parents up to date with photos, videos, messaging, and more.

Preschool & Teacher

Reduce Paperwork

Automate reports with families in on place.

Engage Families

Easily communicate with parents by send and receive messages.

Digitize check-in

digital check-in for students and staff.

Bill easily

online billing and invoicing.


Daily Updates

Real-time logs of your child activities throughout the day.


Watch your child’s day with snapshots delivered to parent account.

Paperless billing

Digital payments from your credit/debit card.

Digital check-in

Easy digital check-in with personal passcodes.

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